Biographical Anomaly

Anti-Bandwagon Propaganda is an ambling meander through a series of unrestrained topics and subjects. It’s a leisurely stroll through the internet, on which I will casually call attention to a series of unusual and maddening aspects of our lives. It’s a cultural commute in which you don’t get stuck in traffic, you simply travel in comfort to your grand destination approximately 1000 words later.

The topics I cover range from piece to piece. I am an expert on nothing. All I can do is offer insightful, analogical expressions relating to the topics I have a vested interest in. Despite the erratic nature of the subject matter, I imbue each and every article with a recognisable signature tone, lying somewhere within the ven diagram of sarcasm, cynicism and satire.

It might not be for you. I’ve cornered a pretty specialist market here. Perhaps there’s too many words. Perhaps there’s not enough pictures. Perhaps you simply don’t understand my cultural allusions. I pepper articles with quotes from movies you probably haven’t seen. I reference Metal Gear Solid at least every other post. If you don’t get these references, there’s no shame in it. But it means you’ll miss out on a large percentage of my jokes. But if you appreciate good writing, then you should find something here to enjoy.

Have a look around. Decipher the names of my categories and sift through the stuff to find something relevant to you. Then feel free to comment and tell me how much you disagree. Maybe we can be friends.


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