Satan’s Role in Music: In Defense of the Devil

Satan. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. Cheeky chappy isn’t he? Tempting Christ. Tempting Eve. Tempting you. He’s a real meddler alright. But not just in biblical matters, many believe Beelzebub’s got his grubby red hooves all over our music industry. Satan has scattered clandestine symbolism throughout mainstream chart music. These subliminal messages are manipulating our thoughts, controlling our collective cognizance, and causing us all to commit lurid acts.

It’s all here people. It’s happening.

Turn on the radio right now to hear the Devil himself coming in your ears.

It’s time to wake up.                                               Now I am awake.

Satan will be forever associated with rock music. But it seems he’s branching out. He’s bored with double bass pedals, head banging and guitar shredding. Or maybe he’s trying to get laid. Either way, the most beautiful women in pop – Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are all among Satan’s Sluts, spreading his evil seed.

Being the embodiment of diabolism, Satan has a host of ways in which to saturate music with his subliminal messages. Thanks to MTV and the rise of the music video, Satan was presented with a more visual opportunity to manifest his malevolence.

According to many online sources, music artwork and videos are rife with symbolism all depicting the occult. Many believe that this imagery is placed by the Illuminati, and/or Satan himself to convey their beliefs and agenda. One of which is the destruction of religion.

Convinced? Me neither.

A prominent source of Anti-Illuminati Propaganda is The Vigilant Citizen. VC aims to analyse and uncover the truths within our culture. The most recent of truths being hidden within Lady Gaga’s Judas. Pop music videos are meticulously examined, and each possible link to an occult agenda is wildly extrapolated upon until your rationale is entirely consumed by a lake of fire, and you begin to accept the conspiracy theories that the Vigilant Citizen is forcefully pissing down your throat.

With this much evidence, presented in a professional and coherent manner, it makes for a compelling argument. VC is probably enough to convince those sat on the fence of the existence of dark forces not only within our music industry, but every aspect of our culture. But y’know what, if you’re sat on a fence, I don’t consider you a rational person worthy of debate anyway. So get a chair, and get the fuck out of my garden.

People want to believe in conspiracy theories because it seasons their lives with a level of interest unattainable through regular beliefs. The Illuminati is among the most popular conspiracy theories in existence. Believing in such bestows you with a special understanding of the world. An understanding which is beyond the reach of non-believers and all those ignorant of Illuminati practices. As such, it makes the believer feel like he knows something you don’t. It makes him feel special.

Embrace a conspiracy theory and suddenly you’re part of a gang sharing privileged information; your sense of power and dignity rises a smidgen and this troublesome world makes more sense, for a time.

Charlie Brooker

The Vigilant Citizen analyses everything in such agonising detail, I’d be surprised if it didn’t uncover irrefutable proof of the existence of Satan and all his friends. If I examined the patterns within the walnut veneer atop my IKEA furniture for long enough, I’d eventually discover the Devil, along with the eye of Sauron, six Triceratops, a Zapdos, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

An Illuminati symbol it may be, but you cannot rationally attribute Satanic symbolism to everything displaying only one eye. Y’know what else only has one eye? My penis. That’s right. Does that mean my dick is the devil? My Johnson is under Illuminati control? No. Just because it has one eye, doesn’t mean it has horns and a tail too.

Are Jessie J & co. really employed to saturate a vulnerable world with devilish imagery and hidden symbolism? No, of course not. They’re pawns of the music industry, not of the Illuminati and not of the Devil. They are controlled and manipulated into homogenised icons. They are designed, created and manufactured. They are dressed by others. Their music is written and produced by others. Yes, they’re puppets, but they’re not suspended from strings.

I don’t doubt the existence of occult symbolism within our culture. It’s a part of our past, and will stretch long into our future. But I doubt that it’s placed there by the Illuminati. The connotations of colours, images and shapes have been constructed through years and years of layered culture. While it’s true that a triangle can connote the presence of a conspiratorial organisation. It cannot prove it.

I sincerely hope that the imagery contained within contemporary pop music artwork and videos is placed there intentionally by producers and artists alike. Not to spread the word of Satan, but to wind up the patrons of Marco PonceJesus is Saviour, evangelicals and pastors worldwide. 

Let us, for a second, assume that Lucifer and his Illuminati do indeed have absolute control over mainstream chart music. They control everyone from Chesney Hawkes and Hanson to Rolf Harris and Rihanna. From a purely musical perspective, I wish Lucifer would be more forthright with his occult agenda. Any theme that deviates from the love of one’s girlfriend is a welcome change to my ear canals.

Why hear about how Bruno Mars is willing to catch a grenade for her, when you could hear about how the grenade exploded prematurely, instantly mincing Mars and showering innocent bystanders with chunks of homogenised pop-bullshit, before Satan himself rises from the depths of Hell and dances all over his discarded remains. The lyrics would be more diverse. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Satan’s symbolic saturation of music videos isn’t his only trick. Lest we forget Lucifer’s musical credentials.

Back when the Devil was learning guitar at rock school, he developed the tritone. The tritone is a musical progression spanning three whole tones. The gap between two notes played simultaneously, or in succession was branded Diabolus in Musica by medieval musicians, and has been linked to the Devil ever since.

Lore suggests that during the Middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church attempted to outlaw the use of the tritone, because they believed it was the work of the Devil, that it could summon Satan.

The tritone is simply musical manipulation. Due to the dissonance and nature of the chord progression, it sounds sharp, dangerous and exciting. It’s commonly used throughout blues, jazz and orchestral film music. The emotive manipulation that the tritone allows, means that film music composers can utilise it to alter the emotional state of the audience.

One of the finest examples of the Devil’s Tritone is found within Black Sabbath’s self titled epic.

Given the clandestine nature and lack of general knowledge surrounding Satan’s Interval, one would think it would act as an extremely effective subliminal message. The perfect musical accompaniment to the visual imagery so rife within pop music videos. 

So Satan, if you’re reading, and why wouldn’t you be, I have a message for you. Too long has the tritone been exclusive to bald, bearded, BC Rich wielding brutes. It’s time it was reintroduced to popular music. Combined with your eyes and triangles, it would provide the perfect audiovisual onslaught.

That’s hidden symbolism and the tritone covered. But we’re missing one essential ingredient to our devilishly delicious cake – one of the most well documented weapons within Mephistopheles’ arsenal – Backmasking.

Backmasking is the inclusion of Satanic messages within records. Messages that are only audible when the record is played backwards.

There are many examples of this Satanic technique throughout many genres of music. Perhaps more amusing than the varied list of artists, are the variety of messages that they supposedly distribute. They include Britney Spears urging you to sleep with her, she’s not too young and Queen recommending that you smoke marijuana, smoke marijuana.

The most infamous of occurrences involving backmasking, is the infamous trial of Judas Priest. To aid in my explanation of this, and more, I’ve enlisted the aid of the late Bill Hicks.

As a metal fan, I’m regularly subjected to songs of Satan’s shenanigans. Satanic symbolism, the Devil’s tritone and Satanic lyrics are common throughout my daily playlists. Some of my favourite songs not only reference Lucifer, but are sung from his perspective.

Given the sheer amount of metal I consume, multiplied by the violent videogames I play, according to the laws of the hypodermic needle theory, I should be a genocidal maniac.

What effect does this music have on me? Does this make me want to kill? To do Satan’s work? No. It makes me want to shred the shit out of a Jackson V. Where’s the harm in that?

As well as featuring my favourite guitar riff, the song features a genuine spell from the Satanic Bible. That’s hardcore. The spell has little bearing on my love of the song. It just so happens that Dave Mustaine was able to tailor these particular semantics into a great lyrical narrative. The spell could be replaced with the recipe for his mother’s smoked salmon fritters for all I care.

I don’t actively seek music in relation to Satan. Lyrics about Baphomet are no more appealing to me than lyrics about drugs, death, love, sex or the assembly of flatpack furniture. If a song features well-written lyrics with memorable vocal melodies it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. It just so happens that many of the songs featuring the attributes I look for in a song, happen to be about Horny McGoathead.

I am aware of the Satanic connotations of metal music. But according to much of the internet masses, even when I don’t know I’m listening to the Satan’s messages, I’m listening to Satan’s messages.

Thankfully though, people do not act upon what they hear people singing. They never have. They never will. If they did, we’d all be rapists, and we’d all be rape victims. 

While I believe Satan to be responsible for many of the atrocities on this Godforsaken rock we call home, Battlefield Earth, Batman & Robin, Elf Bowling and Shaq Fu, to name but a few, in defense of the Devil, I don’t think he’s behind the scenes, controlling out chart music.

But ultimately, no matter how much sensibility you or I attempt to sow, or how much rationality you or I attempt to reap, we cannot win this argument. Even after putting our most logical feet forward, we will always be countered by the favoured quotes of believers.

That’s what they want you to think.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Well fuck me. This entire article has been a waste of time. Time that would’ve been better spent repenting my sins in order to achieve access to the salvation of God’s Kingdom. Except, I’m with Hicks.

Let’s say for a fact that we know rock ‘n’ roll is the Devil’s music. At least he fuckin’ jams. If it’s a choice between eternal Hell and good tunes, or eternal Heaven and New Kids on the fuckin’ Block, I’m gonna be surfing on the lake of fire, rockin’ out.

Bill Hicks

I’ll see you down there Bill.


Disclaimer: MacTingz is in no way affiliated with Satan or his minions. At least, that’s what he wants you to think.


11 thoughts on “Satan’s Role in Music: In Defense of the Devil

  1. Well, you asked for it :)

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

    I actually think that quote does have some validity here (sorry!). But perhaps not quite in the way we might first think. (not that most people think at all anyway)

    It’s easy to focus on all the crazy imagery and symbolism as if that was the main issue and it alone was supposed to have the power to turn us all to the ‘dark side’. Obviously that’s a ridiculous notion. But did you ever wonder if the satanic and illuminati symbolism is there so that we *can’t* see it? IOW to make us so familiar with it we don’t even notice it is there. The is also true of all the trashy music which these symbols are stuck onto. (well most of it is trashy anyway)

    It’s like watching killing, explosions, guns and war in movies and on TV day after day after day. You become desensitized to it. Then the news comes on and they’re bombing the crap out of Libya. Not only do the explosions look familiar as hell (interesting Freudian slip), but they even look quite ‘disappointing’ – quite pathetic – compared to what we are used to seeing in movies etc. The result is people just let the ‘news story’ (actually the barbaric slaughter of children done in their name and paid for by their tax dollars) kind of wash over them. Then it’s on to the sports and weather …. and then back to more entertainment!

    Now that’s quite ‘devilish’ surely?

    Just suppose we had NOT all been subjected to 60 years of war propaganda in the form of heroic war movies and TV shows to desensitize us to the idea of violence and killing being all part of normal modern living. Or suppose every war film ever made was a true, honest depiction of the horrors of warfare, not just the gore but the mental scars inflicted on all those involved, which typically last for life – and are past down from shattered families (ie missing fathers or sons) affecting them for *generations*.

    So now you switch on the TV and they show the bombing of Libya (or Iraq or Afghanistan). Without 60 years of war propaganda people might be more inclined to react to that with a little more humanity. “OMG they’re using our tax dollars to fire these ridiculously expensive metal tubes full of explosives into towns indiscriminately killing innocent men, women and children in the process!!! WTF! That’s no way to sort things out – it’s just going to turn the place into a blood bath, anyone can see that. Our leaders must be mass murdering psychopaths!! This is insane – we’ve got to stop our crazy leaders”

    And my point is this: war movies don’t try to persuade or instruct us DIRECTLY how to be racist, mass murdering psychopaths or to directly support such behaviour. Instead more often they teach us about honour, loyalty, brotherhood, duty and bravery. And through an endless, repetitive and sustained justification and desensitization of military might and all round slaughter these movies and TV shows lay down a foundation (an acceptance) in our collective psyche that means we (the masses) end up almost incapable of recognizing/ reacting to racist, mass murdering psychopathic behaviour when we see it happening in real life and in our name.

    No one can really explain WHY ‘we’ are at war in those places killing civilians by the million … but thanks to the TV and cinema we already know all about ‘war’ generally. We know that ‘war’ is sometimes necessary and always for some greater good, with some inevitable explosions along the way. We already understood war in the movie theatre …. therefore we don’t really need to think about it (let alone question it) when we see it in real life. How devilish is that?

    So you could say that war propaganda aligns us all with the mindset and agendas of our psychopathic mass murdering ‘leaders’ but without requiring us to actually change our day to day social values and beliefs too much. We are inducted into their war cult without even realizing it. (It is the nature of cults to often not even be aware one is involved in a cult)

    Now, I’m using that example because maybe the same kind of process is happening with regard to matters of a spiritual/ occult / religious nature. War mongers get society to join their war cult of death NOT by showing you the reality of war (piles of dead children, headless torsos buried under rubble with charred limbs etc etc) but instead by showing you Tom Cruise in a fighter jet landing safely to a hero’s welcome…… likewise, satanists (for want of a word) don’t get you to join their cult by showing you ritual child rape and child sacrifice – instead they show you a wonderful world where material wealth, sensual pleasures, hedonism, hierarchy status and spiritual emptiness mean it’s partaaaaay tiiiiime all the way baaaaaaby!

    See how it works? This culture doesn’t openly tell us to be ‘satanic’ any more than it tell us to support mass murder. Instead it instructs us by stealth and deception, by subtly (or not so subtly) defining culture and reality on its terms.

    It’s not one eyed symbolism or flashing the devil horn hand sign that’s corrupting the youth….. it’s the hole damn culture of inauthenticity and spiritual emptiness! (‘spiritual’ here just meaning depth of character, soul, self knowledge, inner and outer awareness, emotional intelligence etc). It’s the culture that puts material worship at the top. Where self worth and the very point of living is defined by this dream of scrabbling your way up (and thus justifying) the pyramidal social hierarchy system. And how do you scrabble up the hierarchy and realise your dream? How do you ‘make it’ in this modern world? By ’embracing the devil’, by giving up your humanity, by sacrificing others along the way, by worshiping the material (money!), by selling your soul, by working for ‘the man’ etc etc.

    The whole basis for western society is about embracing ‘evil’ – at the very least giving up your own moral values or just your common sense and humanity – with plenty of distractions, tokenistic pleasures and fake signifiers of success and ‘freedom’ (fast cars, expensive shoes, swimming pools, fame, celebrity, self importance etc) to disguise the horrific effect of climbing that hierarchy pyramid. Those effects are spiritual emptiness on the inside and destroying the planet on the outside (contributing to shitting on the 3rd world, widening the rich/ poor gap, helping giant corporations to keep on growing etc).

    Success in the modern world is generally reliant on destruction in various forms. This is nothing to do with ‘capitalism’ or money or free enterprise or trade. All of those things can be very positive forces indeed. But all have been subverted by the ‘elite’ into something totally different. For example money is not bad (it’s just a convenient form of barter) … what’s bad is that we have an economic system based on banks lending money that *does not exist* at interest. The whole global economic system is literally a pyramid scheme! And we all know pyramid schemes only benefit the few at the top and are always doomed to collapse and destroy everyone else below – and that’s the whole plan!

    How more evil do you want?

    The whole structure of modern civilization is a compartmentalized hierarchical pyramid with ‘evil’ concentrated at the top. Evil is really emptiness. Our ‘world leaders’ (and the people who control them) are basically empty shells, lacking (sometimes TOTALLY lacking) any empathy. In terms of human qualities they are vacant. And like vacant properties yes, I believe they are prone to having ‘energetic squatters’ move in and take over too (Is it really that fantastic an idea?). They all act like parasites (these leaders, bankers, aristocratic elite etc) … maybe they act that way because they are hosts to ‘energetic parasites’ that have installed themselves in them somehow.

    A married man or woman can be EXTREMELY controlled by their significant other – yet often with no more than ‘subliminal’ cues and emotional energy. We are all controlled by our fears or insecurites or ambitions or perhaps some ridiculous delusions (that we are beautiful and important or perhaps ugly and worthless). If that is the case why is the idea of ‘demonic possession’ so outlandish a possibility? Is the idea of entities operating outside (perhaps just on the periphery of) our limited human senses any more fantastic than that bunch of crazy creatures that exist at the bottom of our oceans?

    In the insect world fungal parasites can literally mind control their insect hosts and get them to act in a suicide manner (but which happens to benefit the parasite’s life cycle). If, as many suggest is the case, these human parasites AKA ‘demons’ (it’s just a word) feed off human energy – especially that given off by fear, stress, anger, ‘excitement’, and it would appear the act of sex (especially child rape) etc – then that might explain why the masses are continually being ‘poked and prodded’ to keep them in these states through wars, poverty, entertainments, sports events, social engineering, sexual titillation and all kinds of uncertainties and fears and stresses injected into modern culture?

    Many people think the idea is to use entertainment to get the masses to become ‘devil worshippers’. No! The idea is to get the masses to *accept* a society run by and based on evil, corruption, war, death, exploitation and spiritual emptiness and not even see it for what it is. To just see all that as normal. To see their slavery and abuse as normal.

    It’s all about POWER. The whole entertainment industry, education, religions, ‘culture’ is all about convincing people they have NO POWER (in themselves), while selling them the idea that they can get power only form external sources ie by climbing the social hierarchy, buying shit, wearing certain fashion labels etc etc.

    You see, the people who ‘run the world’ are spiritually empty, parasites. So they are need to create a world where the masses have even less power and are even more spiritually empty and dumbed down than they are – that’s how they stay on top: by corrupting the masses so we are too fucked up and distracted to be any threat (or even notice) to their hierarchy system of control! It’s genius! (as long as we don’t go and invent the internet and start figuring out how it all works among ourselves…..)

    They need their secret societies and compartmentalized hierarchy and rigid power structures because (like socially awkward schoolyard bullies) they NEED to gang together to make up for their ‘one dimensional’ existence in life. When bullies aren’t roaming around in packs armed with knives they are just sad pathetic lonely empty souls who nobody loves and who just don’t ‘get it’ … they don’t get the wonder of the world and they can’t cope with the awesomeness and beauty and ‘hugeness’ of life! They compensate by becoming control freaks – and how! ;)

    And so this shit culture is their way of keeping us down. Rihanna or GaGa doing satanic stuff or acting like whores isn’t really rebellious or threatening or outrageous …… in reality it is totally conforming! Conforming to the religion and philosophy of these empty, sad, probably possessed, soulless pathetic twats who we have let run the world for thousands of years.

    The symbolism in a way is just like the Nazi swastika – it’s just the cherry on top and not the cake itself. The real evil is the inauthentic culture, the dumbing down, the idiocy, the naivety, the narrow beliefs, the total lack of imagination and creativity (leading to intolerance and division)…… it is people’s obsession with celebrity ‘news’ when our money is being used to commit genocide abroad and enslave us into a high tech police state at home. It is young men abandoning their children, their families and handing them over to state well fare (state control) and then gathering in their thousands to watch sports games and discuss sports strategy instead of discussing real world events and supporting their own families and communities instead. What if governments made it illegal for men to petition or protest against the government? There would be an uprising! So they don’t do it that way… they create a culture of sports entertainments to entrap the minds and passions of these men instead. And there is shopping, celeb gossip and obsession with appearance for the ladies.

    How much more evil do you want?

    And by creating an entertainment culture absolutely STUFFED with devil, occult, esoteric stuff (from GaGa, Rihanna, Buffy, Harry Potter, Charmed, horror movies etc etc) they ensure that we learn to see ‘evil’ and the ‘occult’ only in term of an *entertainment genre* and not something to be taken seriously. Again this is genius!

    In fact our culture is so glossy and smiley and shallow that most people never think about ‘darkness’ at all. Darkness of course is not necessarily negative, perhaps darkness can be our own shit (baggage) which we need to sort out and which we would be stronger (more powerful) if we did! In fact working through all the ‘dark’ (buried, suppressed) aspects of our personality and lives always makes us stronger and more independent. And they don’t want that! They want us to seek therapy in entertainments, shopping and in the social collective where we all congratulate each other for burying all our shit, putting on a smile, living inauthentic shallow lives.

    Encouraging the public to be fucked up, immature, irresponsible, repressed, in denial, neurotic, mentally ill, homogenized, self obsessed, inauthentic, shallow, ignorant, consumer slaves is pretty evil, surely?

    ‘Darkness’ can also mean simply ‘mystery’… and of course mystery is where you find inspiration, creativity, clarity and power! Getting people to eradicate darkness and mystery from their lives (thinking it is automatically negative or worthless) and instead seek inspiration from the luciferian light of advertising and the shopping mall is pretty evil yes?

    See where I’m coming from with all of this?

    And while we are all being encouraged to avoid power at all costs (lest we end up getting our collective shit together and start healing ourselves, each other and sorting out this messed up world!), and while mystery and the occult is made into something we regard as just a ridiculous entertainment genre or some devil worship nonsense, guess what or trusted world leaders are getting up to?

    Oh, and this sort of thing.


    • I agree with your broad points. That our culture is an undeniably strong influence, a controlling influence, that causes people to dress the way they dress, say the things they say, act the way they act. But I simply don’t believe that there are organisations and groups consciously planning out how they want the world to be.

      I reject aspects of mainstream culture because it’s homogenised garbage. Mainstream music for instance, is distilled of all character in order to appeal to the largest number of people. It’s stripped of any niche qualities, anything that could possibly make it unique, in order to make more money. It’s a saddening fact. Pop music lacks the musicianship of classical and jazz music, the stylistic themes of rock music, the speed and aggression of metal music, the lyrical themes of rap music. It has none of these things. Sure the genre occasionally throws out a catchy melody, and due to our pre-programmed western ears, we like it. It’s simply the way our brains work – the same reasons westerners do not respond to gamelan, or any eastern style music. But for me, a catchy melody isn’t enough. Because I know it’s all been pre-empted, pre-produced and over-thought. It’s music for moneys sake, not music for musics sake.

      Now despite my belief that pop music is manufactured, I don’t believe that it’s all trickling down from a western conglomerate that determines every lyric and every chord. It’s producers and lyricists doing their own thing. Because they know what will sell. They know how to make a hit. You may argue that the reason they know this is due to what has come before, they have learned from what has been a hit in the past. Which is probably true. But I don’t accept that it’s all in relation to the top of a pyramid, that it’s all controlled by those at the top of a hierarchy. The industry is simply too varied and too complex to be entirely controlled by evil overlords.

      Even if entertainment is created by organisations to distract us from the horrors of reality, warfare etc, is that not a good thing? Sure we’d all be more aware of how good we have it in the western world. If we were more aware of the genocide, the war, the famine, the starvation and the disease that is apparent the world over, would we be any happier? No, the world would be a bleak and unimpressive landscape. It’s not a select group of men that are creating an entertainment culture just to distract us from what we don’t want to see, it is all men. It’s a human reflex to desire distraction. Start the western civilisation, or even the world from scratch, eradicate all supposed world leaders, and the same thing would happen again. Wars would start, and escapism would begin. I believe that’s basic human nature, with or without any influence from any media sources.

      Without distractions, as bad as the world is now, the world would be much worse. The horrors of war would be all we would know, without escapism the entire population would be a depressed mass. Escapism, for me isn’t a bad thing. It’s what makes life worth living. Maybe that’s the opinion of a mind already corrupted. But I’d rather watch TV, listen to music, and play videogames all my life than wonder about what I can do to help out the middle east. It’s a very selfish view to take, but man are a selfish race.

      It’s important not to make out that the world is exclusively evil. That if entertainment didn’t exist we’d have nothing at all to be pleased with as a race. Humans are capable of producing good things outside the entertainment industry, it’s not exclusively death and destruction.

      But I think to dismiss our culture as an evil product of an evil organisation hellbent on controlling our thoughts and actions, is to dismiss some of the greatest human achievements in history. Achievements of art, of writing and storytelling, of moviemaking, of musicianship. You may argue that these are the superficial needs of our world that simply decorate the tapestry of horror that our world is. But does that make them any less of an achievement for the individuals responsible for producing them?

      I don’t believe in God, the Devil, or anything else supernatural. So I believe that trying to subliminally desensitise us to heinous acts through the use of occult imagery is a waste of time. Everything good or bad that has ever happened, is directly related to human actions. Human good. Human evil. We need only reference ourselves if we are to desensitise a populace.

      As for the Bohemian Club bullshit, I don’t think you can hold the insane acts of select groups against the western civilisation. I don’t believe any media influence can directly drive a person to commit an act. It depends entirely on the person themselves, on their mind. Anyone who participates in acts of human sacrifice was clearly pretty fucked up long before they started watching influential TV shows.

      The most fascinating part of this debate is that it will never conclude. We can never know the influence that occult symbolism has. It can never be proven. Unless of course someone stumbles across an Illuminati manifesto just lying on a park bench somewhere… But until then, thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. It’s certainly given me something to think about.


      • Just a couple of quick responses/ clarifications! :)

        I also don’t believe it is a total conspiracy – but it doesn’t need to be. You only really need to control (or at least manipulate) the front page / top of the charts stuff to eventually affect everything else and control the direction of society. Most people in society live inside the mainstream culture and don’t stray too far from what they are told to listen to or watch. They are the only ones you really need to herd about to control the direction of society. The way to get them to be interested is just to say ‘this is what everyone else is listening to right now’ … ‘This is the next big thing’ …. Usually that will work. If not just bring up one of the other acts you have waiting in the wings and start promoting the hell out of that.

        Sure music is varied beyond the mainstream – more so than ever probably – but so what? Unless it can get on the mainstream news and be talked about at the water cooler it isn’t going to affect mainstream culture like GaGa or Madonna or Spears can.

        For these giant media and entertainment corporations – all working together – this most mainstream part of culture is probably the easiest part for them to manipulate and control. And you only need to look at the membership of the CFR to get a feel for who’s driving the media/ entertainment bus.

        You talk about war ….. did you know that the Pentagon has its own Hollywood war movie (propaganda) department which rewrites Hollywood scripts in return for free hire of tanks, jets etc? Maybe that’s why Americans are so brainwashed into thinking that being a soldier is all about serving or protecting their country and being a ‘hero’. It is about none of those things – soldiers are just cannon fodder and all wars are manipulated affairs for profit and empire. Films like ‘Top Gun’ were basically scripted by the Pentagon (freely admitted) with military recruitment booths put in the cinema foyers when the film first came out in the 80’s (no kidding).

        Maybe if we didn’t have entertainment propaganda and dumbing down people might have refused to go to Iraq in 03 and a million+ would be still alive today we’d all be a lot happier :)

        FInally the Bohemian Club …. my point about that was that these are the kind of people who currently run the world .. Bohemian Club members included presidents, policy makers, scientists, MEDIA MOGULS, actors, businessmen and general movers and shakers …… if the ‘people in charge’ are so heavily into the occult, satanism, child sacrifice rituals and so on then how on earth can we imagine they have anything but the sickest agendas for the rest of us?

        But far from making out that the world is evil I am suggesting only a tiny, tiny fraction of it is evil!

        The whole point is not to say “WE are an evil society, let’s just accept it but not think about it” but instead to say “let’s wake up and figure out that it’s just a few bad apples which are ruining the cider for the rest of us”.

        I believe art and culture and CIVILIZATION as a whole could be fantastic – a relative heaven on earth – if we just woke up and stopped buying into all THEIR nonsense. And of course now that we have the internet that is exactly what we are doing :)

  2. Illuminati sex magick – semenancy and Monarch latah programming: this is the basis of what they use to control us like puppets.

  3. Stores use subliminal’s to get shoppers to buy more – even the way a store is laid out is based on subconscious buying. There are companies that will place whatever subliminal message onto your CD or mp3 you want – their biggest customers are aimed toward consumers. Back-masking is not near as effective as hidden regular subliminal’s which are impossible to detect without an advanced sound editor. Virtually all commercially available music contains subliminal messages. Mind control is surprisingly simple. Give up TV, video games, listening to music and the radio for a year and you’ll notice a huge difference in your thought patterns. Below is one example of made to order subliminal’s that can be added to any CD or mp3.

    Here is a name of a torrent download (mp3) that explains how are subconscious affects our choices and behavior. I realized this was true through several experiences I had back in 2004 – coupled with a strong newly aquired self awareness. The subconscious is behind all your preferences. Intuition is the operation of the subconscious mind. Search for Leonard Mlodinow entitled- Subliminal:l How Your Unconscious Mind Controls Your Behavior.

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